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Are you looking to lower the weight of your car with a performance upgrade like a Carbon Fiber Hood? Visit deft racing for several different hood options for many different makes and model. Deft Racing has over 50 different hoods with COLOR carbon fiber options as well! These Carbon Fiber hoods are hand made to order in the United States using only locally sourced materials, NEVER cheap Chinese import hoods!

About Deft Racing Carbon Fiber Hoods
These hoods are of the highest quality... no fading, made in the USA! These are NOT cheap imported CF hoods!

  • These carbon fiber hoods are 100% made in the USA. We do not use foreign labor nor materials in our manufacturing process. The raw materials are sourced locally and 100% of the manufacturing is done in-house.
  • These carbon fiber hoods use only durable American made materials;the best Dupont UV coating to resist yellowing that can occur in weeks with cheap imported hoods. 
  • These carbon fiber hoods are 100% UV coated.
  • All hoods are custom hand made to order.
  • All hoods include an OEM style latch to work with your existing equipment.