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56k? Damn homie, you don want none of this.

Socal3s.com: The Southern California 3000GT Stealth GTO owners Club

We're a group of laid back owners of high performance Mitsubishi and Dodge vehicles. Typically you'll find us answering questions, helping install parts, getting together at car shows, giving each other hell for doing stupid things, posting funny pictures, relaying news, having meets, and generally enjoying the cars we have chosen.

We're students, professionals, bums, and everything inbetween. Joining is open to everyone that owns a 3000GT-Stealth-GTO and even a few stragglers from the other car types out there...
as in the end we all just have a passion for cars.

Below are some of our members cars.
Socal3S Reccomended Shops
Places we trust to take our cars and buy from

Deft Racing
Supplier of custom carbon fiber hoods, prosport gauges, mustang light bars, and much more!

FSR MotorSports
FSR Website

Socal3S's member driven shop capable of basic BPU up to extremely high performance mods.

C&A Automotive
Contact: Chai
14122 Vanowen St
Van Nuys, CA 91405  
(818) 901-9757
Chai is a Mitsu god among gods for 3KGT's, Stealths, and DSM. Haven't stumped him yet! Knows Spyders too!
the emerald elephant this GTO brings all the girls to the yard
Deft Spyder - Site Admin, Owner, $ite $upporter
RTEricTT - $ite Supporter Jojo - $ite Supporter
the emerald elephant this GTO brings all the girls to the yard
DanF - Site Admin
RTEricTT - Emerald Elephant (rip) Jojo - (ret design)
size matters
Predacon - Moderator Tazman - Moderator
Tai-Bow - Moderator, $ite $upporter
Apax - Moderator CPT GTO
never ever has his hood closed, even when driving
Matt HB Cali
BananaRocket Son of a Bishi
can keep up well in vegas with one leg drinks and drink and sand and drinks well mic'd at all times
Noah NewportVR-4 Soundman
strawberry mango pucker RIP .. 09/24/05
tratrjacknife AllEyezOnMyVR4 Tim
the artist formerly known as gabber sexy95SL really likes disturbed
CandyAppleVr4 johnparas11 Michaels_RT
Playing Dune
TTDevil 9-VR4-7 MiketheMike
hobo lover
Rasheedb Deigea Nappy TT
[11:48PM] DJ Skillz 187: you're gonna put some icy hot stunna shit on mine huh?  
DJ Skillz 187 Jason S  
Migstealth16 RaiderNations BrandonFD3S
superinflamo CrazyVR4 Ozco9
KTnsPlr EJ3KGT zgreatwhite
94vr4loren -dLs- vr4flip
Fiji_GT shakeitjon blugbox
hell yeah 575 bitches!
Roor v6ttawd Roboeclipse
ntcmpjg fliprsx02 760_3000GT
Ekoastn   kassichoi
enzo_hashmat2222 vr4bruin BPU3000GT
Stealth93RTTT Red Rocket TT gtdRR
legend jprad Master_O_Trunks
ToeKnee805 ketchup  
91-3kgt JDS3KGT  
Your car not here yet? Send it in!
Click here for details

The Lost Boys
- Our friends who clearly have the wrong car, but we like 'em anyways.
used to have a nice car F'ing traitor
HighHeat103 Chris GTO TT (wtf?) Macky
where the hell is this guy 5-0! PossumSquat!!!
VRMan Driving eltoni17

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  • All hoods are custom hand made to order.
  • All hoods include an OEM style latch to work with your existing equipment.

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